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Cosmopolitan 2007

After ten years of practice, Jasmine has become a great intuitive counselor , with international recognition. She works in English, Spanish and French. Using different sets of cards, she will get ‘flashes’ of intuitions that forged her reputation. Even when she says things casually, he accuracy is amazing. Pay attention to anything she says during the session, because you may assist to […]

Cosmopolitan 2002

Excerpt SOPHIE: «She has a unique gift. That’s impressive. She perfectly described my stalled work situation, my now smooth personal life after some ups and downs. she was a bit pessimistic about relationships, but she did really great overall.» VILMA: «She’s amazing, rather cool at first, but impactful. With a picture, she perfectly described my friend, and even my ex-friend. She portrayed […]

Readers Digest 2003

Excerpt CARREER “Relax a bit, I feel like a wall in front of me. I see quite a revival in early 2004 I see meetings, interviews, I see folders around you. With responsibilities. This is excellent. […] Over the past year, it has been difficult in your business. Things are stalled. But your career is at a crossroad. […]

Cosmopolitan 2006

Excerpt An Intuitive counselor opened my eyes. I did finish my novel, of which she envisioned the ending in depth. Alas, she was also right about my divorce. says Monica, 31 years old, public woman. At the time I discovered Jasmine, thanks to Cosmopolitan, I was just married with a good situation. My husband was making ​​a good living and I […]

Cosmopolitan 2005

Excerpt Even without knowing the profession of Jasmine, looking at her eloquent eyes, slightly fixed and inhabited, you can tell she is very intuitive. From her turbulent childhood, punctuated by numerous trips, Jasmine got the best out of it. She now speaks several languages ​​and has captured the (hard to convince and changing) psychic aficionados crowd. […]

Guide de la Voyance 2002

Excerpt “Go see Jasmine. She is kind and grounded” a friend told me. So I called Jasmine for an appointment. But she was not able to see me before returning for a trip in a month. Directly: “You have a problem. Allow me, If you want, to bring you an answer to your question right away . “Without physical support (card or crystal), […]

Newspaper “Libération”

  She gives reading sessions in an apartment, where nothing either a wall hanging or a trinket, will recall the stereotypes of the profession. Jasmine, in her elegant forties, dark red lips and black eyes makeup is a clairvoyant. She quit, six years ago, the fashion business to live her gift. With three stars (the best rating) in clairvoyance […]