About Jasmine

Jasmine and Cameron Kashani joined Forces to create the first “Human Accelerator”.[showforreferrer match=’’]![/showforreferrer]

Jasmine is an internationally renowned Intuitive Coach with clients across the five continents. She has been changing the life of thousands of people since 2001.

Jasmine excels in managing personal and couple Crises. She will reveal problems you are not yet aware of in your Business and reveal roadblocks in your career.

She knows that helping her friends and clients is her highest purpose on earth.

  • Intuitive Coach

    Jasmine helps you find your path through difficult times and situations

  • Direct and Fun

    Her energetic readings are eyes opening and heart enlightening.

  • Fast results

    Her intuition will escort while you upgrade your life.

  • Phone, Online or One-on-One Sessions

    San Francisco, Los Angeles or Paris
    Sessions in English, French or Spanish.
    Phone and Internet Sessions are also avalaible.


  • SELF-Accelerator

    The SELF-Accelerator is a 3 months program to optimize your life, work and relationships.

  • Immersive

    One-on-One intensive coaching sessions and group sessions will ignite new awareness and creativity, increasing your self-confidence and motivation, and ultimately letting you understand how fully leave your passion through entrepreneurship.

  • Effective

    Using Intuitive coaching and technology experts, the 3 months program will allow selected entrepreneurs to quickly unleash their potential reach beyond their goals.

  • Energetic

    Jasmine [showforreferrer match=’coaccel’]and Cameron[/showforreferrer] will lead personally each session to realign your higher personal and professional purposes

Self-Acceleration lets you identify and understand the emotional patterns and dynamics that enchains you to insecurity, anxiety, and lack of decision.

For example you may experience self-limiting feelings and beliefs about yourself and your success, like “If I can do it, anybody can” or be crushed by even constructive criticism.
These patterns drain your energy and confidence, making you risk-averse and hurting your future and success.

Through SA, you will be able to reconnect these patterns and dynamics in a way that will lead to the quality of work and partnerships you deserve, and experience a better life. You will know how Bright and Capable You Are.


Career and work is an major part of your well-being and we want you to experience passion and harmony through the expression of your work and business.

We will support you all along the program and beyond, we will help you feel better and manage your fears.

You will learn how to grow and expand your internal and external energies and how to use them with the business tools we will provide. You will feel efficient and serene.

We will evaluate your progress and you will notice a change from within and in the way people interact with you.
If you are actually an employee you will not feel as one among many others any more and your boss will stop being a concern.

If you decided to start your own business, you are taking the plunge for the better. We will help you create a smooth transition between your two lives. We will teach you how to relieve the stress caused by transition and the uncertainty. We will also give you the Business tools, Marketing, Communication, Social to walk the path easily. But the most important will be the immersive sessions that will let you discover new fun, efficient and easy ways and rediscover yourself.

[showforreferrer match=’.com’]During the Sessions, Cameron Kashani will tell you how she decided to evolve at one point in life and take charge of her career.
She will tell you how she wanted to find out who she truly was. The path was uneasy and long.
Meeting Jasmine lead her to discover the right techniques to switch to the fast track. She got her Mojo back and her desire to create her own company, but a company with a balance and a purpose, Socially Responsible and Ethical, deeply involved with the community, Eco Friendly and Sustainable. This was made easy by the tools she acquired: Marketing, Coaching and Leadership connected to her higher self.[/showforreferrer]

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[showforreferrer match=’.com’]Cameron Kashani[/showforreferrer]

The world can be a party, not just work and stress, when after many months of hard work you get fired overnight.
If you managed to endure stress for years as an employee, you can succeed managing the stress generated by creating your own company.
You will instill greater values in your workplace and create better relationships with your employees. And manage your time for yourself.
World is changing, People are becoming more aware of their body’s and mind needs.
People will do yoga, exercise, eat light, Gluten Free, use Ayurveda, attend sessions with Gurus or Yogis to feel better inside and outside. But one thing they are not changing is their job.
Until they change and upgrade the way they work, they will not get the full benefit of healing their body and mind.

Work, Body, and Mind !

We are here to help you upgrade and change!

What You Say

I have been working with Jasmine for 14 years, and she has been a instrumental component to my career success and sound mind.
My work is very important to me and to the people of my nation, and can also be stressful as the fate of many people can ride on my performance, and the decisions we make at the Senate as a whole, in addition of a stressful political competition and lack of trust and unfaithful “so called” friends.

Jasmine’s guidance has been invaluable, and she has given me a sense of unwavering confidence and clarity, which allows me to provide the utmost value at work, while also being my best self at home.

[showforreferrer match=’coaccel’]When I learned about the innovative new program that COACCEL offers, I immediately enrolled, and I am very happy I did. It’s been a wonderful investment in myself and therefore beneficial to the people as well. I highly recommend COACCEL and the work they do.[/showforreferrer]

Senator Nathalie GouletFrance

Limited Time Offer



Intuitive Coach

Jasmine is direct and fun, her energetic coaching sessions are eyes opening and heart enlightening.

Jasmine will meet you in San Francisco, Los Angeles or Paris for a One-on-One session in English, French or Spanich.
Online or Phone Sessions are also avalaible.

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