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Cosmopolitan 2013

Excerpt COSMOPOLITAN November 2013 Her intuitions are known for their accuracy, but if she does not feel anything, she is not afraid to say it. Despite her success, Jasmine remains attentive, conscientious, and very accessible. She always seems to have time for us and our personal problems. She is available face-to-face or by phone, and she will […]

Cosmopolitan 2012

Excerpt                                     COSMOPOLITAN November 2012 With fifteen years of experience, and the the help of several set of cards, Jasmine will start your session in English, French or Spanish. Her intuition will bring images and flashes that forged her reputation. Even small details are of […]

Cosmopolitan 2011

Excerpt Jasmine and relationship problems Jasmine’s reputation is well established in France and United States. From a difficult childhood punctuated by many trips, Jasmine kept the gift to connect with the invisible world. She speaks several languages ​​and reaches an international audience. Her insights are known for their accuracy, but when she sees nothing she will tell you so. She had […]

Cosmopolitan 2010

Excerpt Her flashes of intuitions are known for their precision and accuracy, but in case she doesn’t get a reading, she will let you know. She speaks several languages ​​and has won the heart and respect of the medium and psychic aficionados. Despite her success, Jasmine remains attentive and meticulous without showboating. She will spare you the tantrum […]


Excerpt Jasmine, 45, twelve years as a medium and counselor «I see flashes, without the need for cards or any other support. But people calm down faster and easily when manipulating cards and making a draw. The cards are here to release the stress of the reading.» «I see short movies», says Jasmine. «I describe these flashes of intuition, or short movies, to […]

Cosmopolitan 2009

Excerpt Jasmine is a very well-known, almost infallible, psychic! A modern and trendy woman sharing the same problems and challenges as her patients. she is a professional informed, organized and inspired. Her strengths: Accuracy, Advices, Truthfulness Her secrets tricks to bring luck: «I believe in the protection ritual from the Eastern traditions: I always use the color red – a table, a mirror […]

Guide de la Voyance 2009

Excerpt Clairvoyance, cards, tarot, Face to face or by phone. Consults in French, English or Spanish. I heard many praises about Jasmine. I’ve selected among other clients, Stéphane, a young entrepreneur who previously checked all the three stars mediums of my previous guide, to detail his experience: «When one has found the right intuitive counselor, faithfulness is a must. For […]

Cosmopolitan 2008

Excerpt Working with several card sets and in several languages. Jasmine lets her flashes of intuition slowly come to her consciousness. These images have forged her reputation. They are surprising by their precision and their accuracy. You need to pay attention to what she says with an apparent casualness and an engaging smile, especially if it’s unexpected or unlikely, as this is when […]

Les meilleurs voyants de Paris

Excerpt By appointment in her office or by phone (the first consultation is always face to face) Direct reading +  cards (Tarot or regular set). Jasmine starts in pure clairvoyance, asking no questions and describes a picture of the person, she tells a “story”. She likes to untangle complicated situations. Then she develops each important point, including work […]


Excerpt Train yourself with a few exercises to develop your intuition. Practice in a soothing environment: dim the lights, use incense and soft music… Think zen, you must feel good. CLEAR YOUR MIND You need to create a void free of thoughts in yourself where your intuition will be able to manifest. Use this various techniques . – visualization: Imagine a clear and […]